Class setup instructions

As a new trainer we will help you step by step creating your first online Livesessions class. 

Guide yourself throught the instructions manual and watch the instruction videos how to setup your first class. 


We hope that following steps are helpfull to get you started. 


Let's get started !

Step 1 : Create a trainer account 

Incase you have already an attendee account (to participate in classes) you are halfway through 

If you do not yet have an account at all, you go to "trainer details"  and press "Become a trainer". 

- Follow the steps to complete your trainer account 

- In case you missed something, you can edit your account later in your profile. 



Your accounts 

- As a trainer you will have 2 accounts 

Your attandee account 

                  You can follow, purchase, attend other trainers classes

Your trainer account 

                  Your trainer account lists all your classes you create 

                   Personal details  only visible for you (these are not public)

- You can share your Trainer account on social - This way visitors will have a landing page in which they will see all your classes in one page.  




Step 2 : DOWNLOAD Zoom® account 

In order to list your classes on you need to have a Zoom® account. 

The Zoom® is FREE and one of the most popular Livestream apps worldwide, with alot of cool features, such as share your screen, or share your music, add a virttual background and much more. 

Download the Zoom® app here :

We will be adding more livestream apps later, but for now Zoom® is free and has the most options




Step 3 : Create your first class 

Now that you have created a Livesessions Trainer account and downloaded the Zoom® app you are all set to create your first class.



- Login to your account 

- Make sure you are in the Trainer modus (If not, you need to click on "switch to trainer" on top of your page) 

- Click on "Create a course" 


Enter the courst details : 

- Course Title : this is the title of your class which will be visible on the website 

- Language : Which language are you using in this course ?

- Course discription :  Explain what this course is about 

                                   This information will be the main text for people to understand what your course is about 

                                   This text will also be visible on the home page, when people hoover over your class picture, then this text will pop up. 


Select your type of class : 

We have 2 type of classes :  Livesessions (virtual live) or Video (which is a video course (video on demand) you can upload)

Category of Class :  choose Livesession
Type of course : public or private course 

A public course people can find your course on our homepage or by using our search bar, and then purchase your class
A public course (availbable for everyone) is most popular, as you can can attract most new attendees. 

A private course is a course only for people who you have "invited" 

When selecting private course, you will have to enter the email addresses of the people you want to invite

Only those people can purchase and attend your class. if you want to invite more people you can add extra email addresses 

* In this example we continue with a public course


Select type of session :

You can choose from 3 types of sessions 

- One time session :  When this class only happens one time

                                  - Enter the (start) date of this class

                                  - Enter the start time and end time of your class


                                  You now first have to make a Zoom® session for this class (in your Zoom® app) 

                                   Your Zoom® Link - session ID - Pasword will not be visible on Livesessions platform. 

                                  Copy / paste the Zoom® Meeting link + Zoom® meeting ID + Zoom meeting password   
                                  here  into the Livesessions class details page. 

 !Important! when you have a Free Zoom® plan, your classes are limited to max 40minutes. Make sure you also put your Livesessions class (start time & end time) to max 40 minutes if you have a Free Zoom® plan. 


- Recurring sessions 
: When you have a class which is recurring (coming back) weekly or daily or ...

Enter the start date and the end date when this recurring class schedule stops (Example : start January 1st     end date :  March 31st)
You now will be setting up this class for the period between Jan 1st until March 31st
Is your class recurring Daily or is this class recurring weekly ? 

Recurring Daily : your class will be available every day (7 days a week)

Now you will have to select the start time and end time for every class (for all 7 days of the week) 

Recurring weekly : In case your class is recurring weekly you can select which days your class is happening 

Select the days of the week this class is happening 

For every day you select, you will have to provide a start time and an end time for each individual class
When you select your monday class, this class will always start on the same time on monday 

When you select your tuesday class, this can be different than the monday class, but all tuesday classes start at the same time. 


You now first have to make a Zoom® session for this class (in your Zoom® app) 
You dont have to make a Zoom® session for each class - You can use your personal Zoom® session link - Zoom® Session ID - Zoom® session password.
Your Zoom® Link - session ID - Pasword will not be visible on Livesessions platform. 

Copy / paste the Zoom® Meeting link + Zoom® meeting ID + Zoom meeting password    here  into the Livesessions class details page. 

!Important! when you have a Free Zoom® plan, your classes are limited to max 40minutes. Make sure you also put your Livesessions class (start time & end time) to max 40 minutes if you have a Free Zoom® plan. 


Select Course Category

We have a selection "pre created" course categories 
Examples : 
- Fitness 
- Dance
- Business
- Hobby & Free time 
- Gaming 

........ and many other categories 

Select Course Sub category 

Once you have selected your Course Category you now can select
a Course Sub Category to specify more in detail. 

Example :  Course Category = Fitness 

                  Sub Course Category = Cardio Training


Maximum Attendees allowed

! important! the max amount of attendees is dependant on your Zoom® account plan.  A Free Zoom® plan can have up to 100 attendees. 


Materials Required 

Does your class requires materials? 
Examples do people need : 
- Fitness weights ? 
- a yoga mat ?
- paper and pen ? 
- Cooking materials ? or ingredients ? 
- Hobby craft materials ? 

List what users will EARN 

(this text will show on the right side of your class page, under the pay button) 

What will people get if they buy this class? 
Example for a video course : 

  • 11 downloadable resources

  • Full lifetime access

  • Access on mobile and TV

  • Assignments


List what users will LEARN 

This text will be your main class info text and also visible on the home page when people hoover over your class picture. They will get a popup with this information. 

Describe what your attendees will learn during this course. 

Make the excited to learn new things, and explain a little how your are going to teach them. 

Examples for a live class : 

- Tell them how step by step you are going to teach dance steps 

- Explain as a personal trainer how you will help motivate them to push the extra limits 

- Describe as a coding expert which modules you are going to teach in your Tech IU or IT  class 

- Describe as a "homework" teacher what you can do in support to the student with his/her homework

- In case this is an experience class, tell them how fun this will be. 


Upload your class picture

                                  You can upload or drop your class picture in the box 

                                   You can select multiple pictures (adding one by one) 

                                   If you upload multiple pictures you can select which picture will be your default (main) picture. 


* You can only use .jpg .jpeg & .png images with a limit to 2MB


Enter payment details 

Enter the course in USD

The course Fee is the amount for 1 class. 

* Important : if your currency is different, convert your currency into $ USD.


Class overview page - before publishing 

The class overview page allows you to check your class page as this would look like on our website. 

Make sure to double check all the elements of your class page 

- Class description text 

- Class picture 

- Course details  (start - end date in case of recurring) 

- Course / class price (price = per class) 

- Time slots (in case of recurring) 
                    Here you will see the time slots available between your start date and end date 

- What you will Learn info text 

- What you will earn info text 

- Materials required 

- Course images 



Keep editing : If you want to change something on your class page, you "keep edting" allows you to go through your class settings again and make changes where neccesary. 

Publish Course :  If you are satisfied with your class page, you can press "Publish Course", the system will check on all settings and pictures and when all is good your class will be live on


Your class is now active live on 

You can find your new class under your profile " My Courses" 

   - You can still "edit your course details" 
      as long as no attendees have booked your class. 

* In case you change important class details after attendees have booked your class, 
                       - We may have to cancel / refund this class to the attendee
                          Transfer cost may apply. 

> You have the options to share your class page on 
   - Facebook 
   - Twitter 
   - Linked In 
   - Whats App 
   - Copy Class link