ZOOM® Integration

Teaching classes on Livesessions.online requires having a Zoom® account. This can be a free Zoom® account. Once you have a Zoom®-link + Session ID and password you are ready to promote your class .... on Livesessions.online. 

During your class you can keep using all the Zoom® features. 


DOWNLOAD Zoom® account 

In order to list your classes on Livesessions.online you need to have a Zoom® account. 

The Zoom® is FREE and one of the most popular Livestream apps worldwide, with alot of cool features, such as share your screen, or share your music, add a virttual background and much more. 

Download the Zoom® app here : https://zoom.us/download

We will be adding more livestream apps later, but for now Zoom® is free and has the most options